What Love INC Isn’t

Love INC is not:

  • A generic “faith based” organization. We are a Christian based organization. We do not incorporate any non-Christian faith body as a church partner.
  • An independent organization that stands apart from the Christian churches, existing on its own with a mandate apart from the local churches.
  • A distribution mechanism to deliver goods without engaging in any relationship with recipients.
  • An agency. In an agency model, the agency has its independent program, and these programs are executed by some type of staff. In the Love INC model, programs are owned and accomplished by the work of the partner churches. No church involvement/activity = no Love INC. Love INC simply provides the means or infrastructure for churches to execute their program (do their ministry.) Love INC has no independent reason to exist without the partner churches’ active involvement.IMG_0677
  • A charity organization. A charity gathers resource in order to execute its program. The charity’s program is usually focused on the need. The goal is to meet or supply a need. Love INC is focused on the person, not on the need. The goal is transformation of all involved (the one serving, the one being served, the church, and the community.) Meeting a specific need is just a way to begin a relationship with the person and allow the Holy Spirit to begin the process of transformation.
  • About giving financial assistance. Although Love INC affiliates do provide some financial assistance to individuals in specific cases (an average of 8% of an affiliate’s operating expenses) it is not a core component of who we are or what we do.
  • A means to make all Christian churches agree on doctrine, worship or ecclesiology.
  • A means to bring churches together to accomplish any mission or project other than the mission of Love INCIMG_0826
  • A parachurch ministry. Love INC is a partnership of churches, not a partnership with churches. A local Love INC affiliate is not independent of church oversight, rather it is composed of and responsible to the local partner churches of the community. Anyone can start a parachurch organization, but only a group of local Christian churches can start a Love INC. For practical purposes Love INC is its own non-profit entity, governed by a board of directors, but a Love INC can only exist if at least 6 local churches (of different denominations) partner together.