Love Stories

“When I first started participating in the ‘Loving Your Neighbor’ program, my goal was to become financially responsible.

However, this Fall, I took part in the Alpha course (Love INC’s discipleship course). In that class, we got a new, Biblical perspective on a number of topics. I have been impacted the most by the folks I’ve spent time with every week. We have shared our joys, fears, triumphs, and even failures.

Through the ‘Loving Your Neighbor’ program, we all have formed a support group. We have grown to love one another, help one another, and lift one another up when needed.

I don’t know where I’d be without Love INC’s ‘Loving Your Neighbor’ program!”

— Heather, our “Neighbor”


“Love INC has been a true blessing to not only myself but my daughter Gloria as well.  We were introduced to Love INC exactly one year ago while we were living in the Valley Mission.  Homeless and nearly hopeless, we were at God’s mercy and honestly it was the best place to be.  I thank God for our Pastor Bruce Hankee for Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 10.56.02 AMentering into our darkness and relentlessly loving us and leading us to places like Love INC and suggesting their Financial Management class.  I don’t think it was a whole day later before Bill Roberts called me back to confirm our participation.

Now what I had envisioned and what the class actually reflected were two totally different things.  I expected a class about money management and what I received was far greater than I imagined.  First we received love, non-judgmental acceptance, and endless encouragement. People coming along side of us and not only believing in us but nurturing us to believe in ourselves and see ourselves as worthy children of God, made to bring him glory.  We learned that God’s Word holds the direction and answers to all things and in all ways we are to honor God and that includes our ability to manage our money.  We are to have self-control.  I’ve also learned that money is not everything but being content with what I have and what really matters is people and not only relationship with people but first with God and Jesus Christ.  I’m able to seek God’s guidance in my decisions and wait on him.  Now it has not been easy there have been many discouragements and obstacles but God has not left me.  I have not left Him and the people of Love INC have been there for me through smiles, laughter, and tears.  My daughter has fallen in love with all of them especially Mrs. Sharon and Mr. Roger.  We have been so blessed not just materially but mostly spiritually.

I can confidently say thanks to them and God.  I am a student and will be attending Blue Ridge Community College for a degree in Human Services this spring and have received a FULL SCHOLARSHIP to do so.  I am so blessed and truly love them so much.  They are my family.”

— Brooke, one of our “Neighbors”