Transformational Ministry

Transformation seems to be a daily occurrence at Love INC. This is where we see eternal rewards while we are still on earth. It is a process of God using the Body of Christ, modeling the love of Christ, to create a new work in the life of our “neighbors.”

Love INC, through local churches, seeks to transform the lives of people in chronic need through caring relationships and classes/training opportunities. Love INC organizes and equips church members from across many denominations to lead courses and/or walk alongside (mentor) people in need for a set time period (usually 1 to 3 months) in order to help them acquire one or more skills and move toward self-sufficiency. Courses include financial management as well as discipleship. It is the love of Christ through the Body of Christ that creates transformation.

These courses are accompanied by material support and special access to ministry resources, such as incentives or rewards, restoring dignity and creating self- sufficiency. All the while, a dependence on God and the Body of Christ is stressed, and loving, life-long relationships are built to provide lasting emotional and spiritual support.

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