Redemptive Compassion is a biblical philosophy on how we can offer holistic help to those we serve. It has evolved over fifteen years of working daily with people who find themselves struggling with needs in their life and unable to overcome them on their own. It challenges many current and common ways of addressing need based upon six core principles:

1.    Everyone has value

2.    We are called to invest relationally in each other

3.    Everyone has capacity and potential13935020_380727748717581_1619515260381219457_n

4.    Mutual participation is important

5.    We must use wisdom and discernment

6.    What we do should transform

Need will not change until we change how we address need. We are facing critical times in America, and the Church will soon have an 13901582_380727262050963_8034396541969954137_nunprecedented opportunity to step to the forefront of addressing need. Will we be ready when the time comes? And more importantly, will we understand what God has biblically called us to do when the opportunity arises?



Our desire is TO PROVIDE THE CHURCH WITH THE TOOLS needed to respond to those in need in a God-honoring, transformational way.

More classes coming soon! Stay tuned!

See the “Core Principles” of Redemptive Compassion in action…