12 Advantages of Love INC to Churches

  1. Helps generate untapped volunteer resources that already exist in local churches to meet needs both within and outside the church.
  2. Love INC Advantages PhotoScreens requests for help as to nature, extent, and legitimacy.
  3. Helps coordinate church engagement with the community while reducing church duplication of existing services already available to the community.
  4. Discovers if people requesting assistance are already receiving help from other churches or agencies, stopping the duplication of assistance. The Love INC screening process ensures legitimate needs are met.
  5. Love INC Advantages PhotoProvides long-term, self-help solutions for people who are chronically in need.
  6. Enables churches to build new
    ways to assist people outside of
    the congregation while being good stewards of church resources.
  7. Discovers and solves problems at the root level to help prevent churches from building dependency in people they assist.
  8. advantages 3Helps the church own an enhanced outreach ministry to people in need, since Love INC’s Clearinghouse is the key to connect people to churches’ ministries.
  9. Helps provide specific, manageable opportunities for churches to reach out with God’s love to people in need.
  10. 10. Lessens the burden of any one church by increasing the use of volunteers to meet legitimate needs and rotating assistance among network (partner) churches. Love INC is very cost-effective.
  11. Offers a proven, replicable model that can be easily translated in new communities. Love INC has an established track record in cities of all sizes.
  12. Offers a unified witness of God’s love as a light to the community – Christian churches working together in the name of Christ.

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