Our Ministry Model

Love INC Relational Ministry Model

The Love INC Relational Ministry Model was developed to help provide structure to the various modes of ministry Love INC partner churches provide in their communities. The model provides a framework and a language that helps the Love INC Movement organize and communicate more effectively as well as providing a mechanism to facilitate training and replication of specific instances of a ministry mode.

Love INC PhotoThe Love INC Relational Ministry Model is a proven model that has worked for many years, but is also a living, dynamic model that changes over time to incorporate new ministry paradigms.

Each ministry mode is defined based on a set of guiding principles and characteristics for that mode. Any specific instance of a

ministry within a given mode much conform to these principles and exhibit characteristic consistent with that mode to fit into the Love INC Relational Ministry Model.

The five ministry modes are:

  • Clearinghouse Ministry
  • Gap Ministry
  • Transformational Ministry
  • Comprehensive Transformational Ministry
  • Community Transformational Ministry